When wedding vendors unite, the result is nothing short of enchanting.

My vision to convene at Tshikwalo Game Lodge for a styled shoot was surpassed by Stefan's ingenuity from Black Tulip Styling. His masterful incorporation of linen and grass, meticulously styled within the chapel's confines, left us all in awe. Drawing inspiration from the chapel's arches, our stationery designed by the talented Chanette from Katilina Design echoed their elegant lines, while the graceful curves of the grass found their way into every aspect of our bouquet and table décor.

Our stunning model adorned a bespoke wedding gown, a masterpiece brought to life by the extraordinary talent of Nicolle from House of Santos. What's truly remarkable is that Nicolle crafted this exquisite garment without Marlie even needing to attend a fitting, a testament to her unparalleled skill in fashion design.

Completing Marlie's enchanting look was Mantoine, the magician behind the hair and makeup. With finesse and flair, she transformed Marlie into a vision of beauty, accentuating her natural features with Hollywood curls that exuded timeless elegance. But Mantoine's impact went beyond her artistry; her infectious personality lit up the atmosphere, infusing every moment, especially during the couple session, with a palpable energy that uplifted us all. It was an absolute joy to bask in her presence and be inspired by her passion.

Each vendor poured their heart and soul into this endeavour, and the culmination was beyond perfection. I remain spellbound by the seamless harmony achieved in every detail.

A heartfelt thank you extends to Marlie and Gustav for graciously sharing their boundless love with us. Your connection is truly extraordinary, and capturing the essence of your affection was an absolute delight. The magic woven into each photograph is a testament to the radiance of your relationship. Without your genuine warmth and tender connection, our endeavour wouldn't have sparkled as brightly.

In crafting this blog post, I want to shine a spotlight on the remarkable team behind our collaborative endeavour.

Venue - Tshikwalo Game Lodge

Decor Rentals - Dekinstyl & Beehappy events

Flowers & Decor Styling - Black Tulip Styling

Stationary - Katilina Design

Dress & Veil - House of Santos

Earrings - Hellohaai

Hair & Makeup - Meraki by Mantoine

Models - Marlie & Gustav Grotius

Photography - Wildflower Photography