Let me document your family's safari experience.

After many months of planning and excitement, your long-awaited holiday has finally arrived. You are on your way to Africa for the greatest Safari experience of your life.

How will you be able to enjoy the time with your family, take it all in, and memorize the experience for the rest of your life?

I have your answer. Me. Let me document you as you get to experience Africa's most serene locations.

12 hours of un-staged, real-life moments. 

I'll capture all of your family's special moments from your first cup of coffee before sunrise game drive until dinner is served at night, in the bush, or by candlelight in the dining hall.


I will be your bush bestie. I will meet you at the coffee station before your first game drive. Together we will hop onto the game drive vehicle and enjoy a brisk morning of wildlife.

During your coffee and rusks pitstop, I will document you just having a good time with your family. There won't be any staging or posing, I will make it my job to get the most beautiful images of you while you have a fantastic time soaking up the beauty of Africa.

Once we arrive back at the lodge you will have time to freshen up for breakfast and I will wait for you at the breakfast table. Once you are settled and breakfast is served I will disappear and give you time to eat your breakfast. There won't be any camera in your face when you take the biggest bite of your delicious croissant. ;)

Whatever you decide to do after breakfast is totally up to you. You can retire to your incredible room for a little relaxation, enjoy some sunbathing at the pool, or head to the Spa for some pampering. I will document these moments in a discreet way

Then it will be around 16:00 and time for your next game drive. During your 2nd game drive of the day the sun will be incredible and you are more than welcome to let me know should you want a few "looking into the camera" moments. I will guide you as much as you need but also get those incredibly special moments that no one can recreate or fake. I am just that good ;)

After the game drive you will be directed to where the Chef has prepared your dinner, by candlelight or in the dining hall. After getting a few of your first reactions and toasts I will once again leave you until you've finished your dinner. Once you retire to your rooms, I will call it a night and see you the next morning.

Your whole experience will be captured in a real and unstaged manner. You are in charge and are welcome to tell me if you feel like a posed moment at any time.